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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My favorite Singapore dish

Singapore  the Lion city and in my words “little India” is one of the best known countries in the world especially known for their  Dining ,Hospitality, Business,  Entertainment and Shopping. I went to Singapore for a project purpose and i really loved the working environment , food and friendly nature of people over there. As i am foodie and traveler i visited various places, and enjoyed foods of various tastes especially Italian, Chinese and Indian. Believe me you will never get a feel of missing home food if you are in Singapore  i can simply say you that “Missing Home food No worries you are in Singapore”

As i am foodie I simply can say that apart from work and entertainment we can also say Singapore as “land of  various cuisines “ , “So eat whatever you like, you are in Singapore” and i like the way Singaporeans enjoy food inspire from various cuisines especially Chinese, Indian and give a touch of Singaporeans, and enjoy it  You can find many varieties of food both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian. I enjoyed eating Rotiprata, Curry puff, Chwee Kway which is also called as water rice cake (my favorite) Chwee means Water, Kway means Cake so the name “Chwee Kway and Biryani.

Today i am going to share the recipe of Water Rice Cake or “Chwee kway”  ”of Singapore and this is one of the popular dish taken in breakfast  and is really very simple , tasty and healthy.
Ingredients Required:
This  Quantity makes about 8 small rice cakes
Rice flour: 175 gms
Wheat starch: ½  Table spoon
 water : As required
Preserved radish (chai po in singapore)  both salted and sweet 75gms
Cooking Oil : 2tspoons
finely choped garlic : ½ table spoon
soya sauce : 2 tspoons
sugar : 1 tspoon (as per your taste)

1.If you have the aluminium pie cups or regularly used cup cake mould you can use them, in that we need to grease the mould with oil so that the rice cake do not stick , come out easily and heat the steamer for about 10-15 minutes with water and moulds.

2. Next we need to take a bowl add rice flour, wheat starch , pinch of salt if you like while adding  hot water and stir it well until it becomes smooth.Now we need to take the greased cups and fill with the mixture , and steam it for about 15-20 min. After steaming keep it a side and cool it.

3. Next, we need to take a pan add 2 t spoons cooking oil  add finely chopped garlic, preserved radish ,  fry it at medium heat until it become brownish in color .Now add soya sauce and sugar , fry for another 1 minute. If you are interested you can also sprinkle pepper powder. Now take you rice cake and top it with the mixture, that’s it your tasty Water Rice Cake is ready to eat and serve. If you are eating for the first time then you will surely fall in love with this water rice cake , memorize Singapore for the lovely dish and also can get appreciation from your loved ones too.

Let me know what’s your favorite Singaporean dish and share your experience as well.



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